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Tattoo Removal can be a savior to some people. The relief of something you thought was permanent can now be removed! It may take several treatments to  … MORE

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A Massage is helpful for anyone, whether you have an old injury, arthritis, headaches, pregnant or even just to RELAX! We all know how stressful everyday life can be and sometimes … MORE

Lice Prevention School is in full session! We all know our kids can transfer a cold pretty easily but did you think about how easily head Lice can be transferred? We want to make … MORE

Mac Med Spa Salon and Medical will be featured on The Travel Channel’s Best of the Northeast Health and Beauty Segment! Subscribe to More Videos … MORE

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result disclaimer

Due to cause of your visit, tone of skin and other individual factors many of our services result times vary from patient to patient.  Some examples acne treatment, cellulite treatment, intimate bleaching, hyperpigmentation, laser hair removal, and electrolysis.  Even though a guarantee cannot be provided, we have been open for 47 years.  We are to help and keep abreast of the newest technology.

Please reach out to Debbie if you have further questions or 508-326-1530

accepted payments

Mac Med Spa Salon and Medical has a cash or check discount. There is approximatly 3.95% difference. We listed comparison prices in website on service pages.

Tips are accepted by cash check or atm machine on the premises (We’re sorry tips are not accepted credit cards).

We prefer Mac Med Spa gift cards we also accept SPA FINDER, SPA WEEK and SPA WELLNESS CARDS with one per visit. Our system is not compatible with prepaid gift cards. Thank you for your support. We appreciate you.

We accept all major credit cards; unfortunately, we cannot accept tips on credit cards.